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Let Paypal Download Manager do the Selling for You

If you are selling or planning to sell digital products using your Paypal account,
give me 3 minutes and I will show you how this product can save you time & make you more sales.
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Automation = More Time & More Freedom

It’s like having your own Virtual Assistant fulfilling orders on your behalf

Do you really enjoy manually sending out your products as attachments one by one to customers who’ve bought your products? Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Everyone of us has been through that.

So you have to

  1. fire up your Outlook
  2. wait for Outlook to check for new orders
  3. open up the new order email
  4. verify that he has paid the correct price (fraud check)
  5. copy and paste the customer’s email to the TO field
  6. clumsily browse for your digital products to attach to the email
  7. typing out the thank you message and hit send

Imagine doing this for 1 order, and then imagine doing this for 100s of orders. If you are processing or expecting to process more than 5 sales a month, the manual way is not an option! Your time is better spent doing more meaningful and productive things. With PDM, the time that it saves you can be spent with your family, on marketing, networking or simply chilling on the beach. Don’t waste your precious time with unproductive manual chores like fulfilling orders!

PDM is an extensive and powerful script to run your own fully automated product delivery website.
This allows you to sell digital goods and offer instant downloads to your customers, virtually hands free and automated.
You simply use the control panel to add products and they will instantly show up on your main page with a purchase link.
Paypal Download Manager allows you to sell products individually or turn on the shopping cart option, which allows visitors to add multiple products to their cart and make a single payment.
After they have made payment the website will automatically email them the link to instantly download their purchase.
The whole system is fully automated and you don’t need to lift a finger.
This is the fastest way to sell non-tangible goods on the Internet!

Increase Transaction Size

A $100 order could’ve been $200+ or $300+

One of the benefits of having an integrated shopping cart in PDM is that it is easier for customers to add many items to their orders. Conventional Paypal buttons allow the purchase of 1 item at a time, a customer wanting to purchase 10 items from you will find it inconvenient and annoying going through the checkout process 10 times. Imagine having to go through the checkout counter of your local department store for EACH AND EVERY items that you are purchasing. This is leaving a lot of money on the table.

“Definately an increase in pattern sales per order. Before, my customers had to buy one at a time and by the time they finished purchasing one pattern they’d forgetten which other pattern(s) they wanted or where to find them. Now they’re getting 2 or more at a time. This is sooooo nice. Thank you!”

Jennifer Creasey (www.polarbeads.com)

Handling HUGE Files

Read this only if the digital product you are selling is going to exceed 10MB

This is one of the most overlooked aspect of PDM that sets it apart from competition. Making this mistake could cost you Time and Money!!!

Despite what you think, handling the download of huge files in a secure manner is a science of it’s own. If you are going to sell products that are over 10MB in size, you will find that a lot of softwares out there will waste your time in terms of support and lost sales due to broken downloads of huge files. PDM now supports Amazon S3!

Integrated Store Front

You don’t need a website. Paypal Download Manager will work perfect as a stand alone site.
Just add your products and it will create a main page for you.
This is the simplest way to start a website to sell things.

Use It on Your Existing Web Page!

Already own a website? No problem.

The use of the integrated cart that comes with PDM is purely optional, you don’t have to use the cart if you don’t want to.

Just paste the special payment buttons generated by PDM on your existing web page and keep the original design of your website.

Paranoid ‘Fort Knox’ level of Security Protection

It’s your product! Don’t let people share it on Warez/Pirate/Hacker sites

There are 4 different layers of security and over 15 security features built right in that makes sure your transaction and fulfilment process is fully secure at all times.
Every time there is a purchase, the script confirms the payment with paypal.
It confirms who paid, and what email address they paid to.
It checks to make sure they paid the correct amount and in the correct currency.
It then emails the buyer a special Secure download link.
The download links expire to stop hot linking/link sharing. PDM is fully secure and there is no way to cheat or hack it.
It has been vigorously tested over the past 2 years and confirmed to be secure!

Link Cloaking Technology

When customers purchase your product, they will never be given the direct link to your files.

Nobody will ever know the exact path/location of your file except yourself.

Conventional download links look like this:


Paypal Download Manager(PDM) does it different.

PDM generates unique self-expiring links for every purchases, even for the same file!

e.g. Self-expiring Download Link for Customer #1 :


Self-expiring Download Link for Customer #2 :


Links can be set to expire after a certain period e.g. 5 days, 1 week, 1 month, etc

Fully Integrated Affiliate System

Yes! This script comes with a fully automatic affiliate system that will make your sales explode!
Visitors will sign up and start promoting your website.
You will be amazed at how fast your traffic and sales grow.
Affiliates are the cheapest and fastest way to grow a business on the Internet.
Because you only pay them when they make a sale, it won’t cost you anything extra.
Affiliate systems have been the number one promotion techniques for major websites the past 2 years.

No Monthly Fees & Affordable

Pay only once and use it for as long as you like with no restrictions whatsoever

Have as many items and PDM automatically process as many payments as you want in the script, no monthly fees unlike other providers who charge $20-$90/mth for the same functionalities.

“Finding the affiliate manager included in PDM was a wonderful surprise. I didn’t realize it was included when I bought it. This script is a great value, you should raise the price. At this price you’re giving it away!”

Use on Unlimited Websites

One PDM installation can be used on unlimited websites, even on different domains

If you have many sites selling digital goods, you only need ONE installation of PDM to process them.
If doesn’t matter if PDM is installed on a different domain.
e.g. If your site domains are www.abc123.com and www.abc321.com, and your PDM is installed on www.xyz.com, it will still work without a problem.

Installation Service Available

Purchase and start selling, skip the nitty gritty technical stuff
OK, let’s face it, some things are better left to the geeks.
This way, you focus on your business and products while our in-house techies install, configure and tune your Paypal Download Manager.
Your time is very important! Let the professionals setup your script correctly.
In most cases we will have everything setup and working properly within 24 hours. We complete most installs within just a few hours.
This will save you the time and trouble of trying to “Do it yourself”.

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