What is Prismotube Express?

Prismotube Express is the free basic version of Prismotube without all the bells & whistles.
It is a video script that is based on the Youtube API that allows you to build a video site on any topic in record time.
All you need is a couple of keywords.
Prismotube Express comes with in-built smart video script with a unique AutoSmart Content™ and Auto-Refrez™ technology
AutoSmart Content™ technology pulls in video contents from the Youtube API based on your keywords.
Auto-Refrez™ refreshes the contents everyday without your intervention

You can use it to :
1. Setup a niche video site
2. Adding a video section to your existing site
3. Park a domain
4. Flip domains/websites

Try it (Online Demo)

Admin Section
Everything you’ll ever need to administer and manage your video site. No technical skills required!
URL : http://demo.alurian.com/prismotube/express/admin/
Username : admin
Password : demo



It comes in 2 flavors:


The installation instruction for cPanel for the Standalone Edition:

Upgrade to Prismotube (Full Version)

There are major differences between the FREE Prismotube EXPRESS & the Full Commercial Version of Prismotube

  Prismotube EXPRESS Prismotube (Full Version)
Engine (Code Base) v1.x v3.x (More matured)
Mobile version (for smart phones) No Yes
Upload Website Logo No Yes
Video Player Skins 1 style 47 styles
Multi-level (nested) Categories No Yes
Customize Video player style No Yes
Set default category on homepage No Yes
Retrieve videos of specific language No Yes
Sorting videos based on Relevance, View count, Publish Date, Rating” No Yes
Fancy Fonts “Google web fonts” No Yes
Templates 1 3
Your own links on the top navigation bar No Yes
Custom pages No Yes
Categories Source Keywords Only Keywords, Author, Playlist
Publish Category on Certain Date No Yes
Manage tags No Yes
Visitor upload video No Yes
Visitor Commenting No Yes
Facebook Viral Commenting system No Yes
Facebook Like Box No Yes
Shoutbox No Yes
Twitter widget No Yes
Social Sharing buttons 1 style 7 styles
Flickr Widget No Yes
Wibiya Widget No Yes
Meebo Bar Widget No Yes
Skysa Bar Widget No Yes
Predefined ad spaces 4 10
Improve Search Relevance via keyword No Yes
Search log – records keyword searches on your video site No Yes
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